The Montgomery County Paralegal Association (“MCPA”) was founded on October 22, 1999 and is made up of a diverse group of 130-plus members.  It is the mission of the MCPA to provide a network of communication and support to all of its members, to act as a forum for the interchange of ideas and to take an effective role in the development and growth of the paralegal profession by complying with the applicable legal authority governing the jurisdiction in which the paralegal is practicing.


MCPA is a member of the Keystone Alliance, a professional organization comprised of many Pennsylvania paralegal associations.

Keystone Alliance website:  http://www.keystoneparalegals.org

MCPA is a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (“NFPA”), a nationwide organization of paralegal associations.  NFPA membership provides paralegal associations across the country with the ability to communicate effectively on issues of national importance regarding the paralegal profession.  The NATIONAL PARALEGAL REPORTER is mailed to all current MCPA members.

NFPA website:  http://www.paralegals.org

Board of Directors and 2017 Officers

Roberta Fedorka, Pa.C.P., President

Suzanne H. Sarver, RP, Vice President

Kelly Smith, Treasurer

Jennifer Kuemmerle, Pa.C.P., Secretary

Board Members

Nancy Piechota, Pa.C.P.

Sharon K. Weber-Bradley, Pa.C.P.

Noreen Messmer, Pa.C.P.

Christopher Gregg

Michelle Calkins,  Pa.C.P.

Student Liaison

Annette Marie Long-Tulio for Peirce College

January 2017 Induction Meeting
January 2017 Induction Meeting