MEMBERSHIP – Recruits new members, obtains applications for membership and accepts applications.  The Membership Committee also maintains the membership directory and informational brochure.

JOB BANK – Communicates with local businesses as to job openings.  Maintains and distributes a list of current job opportunities to the general membership.

FUNDRAISING – Creates and develops ways in which MCPA can generate non-dues income for our general treasury.

NEWSLETTER – Publishes a newsletter providing information on national, state, local and Association matters.

MARKETING/PUBLIC RELATIONS – Assists other committees with the promotion and funding of Association meetings, seminars and other activities.  Solicits sponsors for the Association as well as advertisement for the newsletter.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND PRO BONO – Promotes positive attitudes within the general population towards paralegals and the legal community through volunteering time for a variety of community groups.

HOSPITALITY AND EVENTS PLANNING – Coordinates seminars and social functions.

STUDENT AFFAIRS AND MENTORING – Provides a range of services and support to students who are interested in developing a career in the paralegal field.

PUBLIC RELATIONS – Coordinates the advertisement of MCPA news and events with the Media.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Provides updates to MCPA’s LinkedIn and Facebook Fan Page with pertinent Association reminders, sponsor shout outs and other exciting legal news and information.

2017 MCPA Committee Contact List

2017 Committees:

Marketing and Public Relations

Nancy Piechota, Pa. C.P. -

Hospitality & Events Planning

Nancy Marchese -


Tracey Barnes, RP, Pa.C.P. –

Community Outreach and Pro Bono

Debbie Arbuckle, Pa.C.P. –

MCPA Today Newsletter

Contributing Editor:

Suzanne Sarver -

Layout Editor:

Michelle Calkins -

Student Affairs and Mentoring

Lisa LaPenna, Pa.C.P. –

Public Relations Chair

Jennifer Kuemmerle, Pa.C.P. – jkuemmerle@LUTHERWOODS.ORG

Social Media Chair

Christopher Gregg –

2017 Representatives and Coordinators:

NFPA Primary Delegate

Debbie Arbuckle, Pa.C.P. –

NFPA Secondary Delegate

Deborah A. Long, Pa. C.P. –

Keystone Alliance Primary Delegate

Deborah A. Long, Pa. C.P. –

Keystone Alliance Secondary Delegate

Annette M. Long-Tulio, CRP, Pa.C.P. –

CLE Coordinator

Tracey Barnes, RP, Pa.C.P. –

Job Bank Coordinator

Kelly Smith –


Shari Weber Bradley, Pa C.P. -

Bar Liaison

Annette M. Long-Tulio, CRP, Pa.C.P. –